Tuesday, August 30, 2016


When you write to Vikipeedia, you need to
* choose your topic
* find out what has been written about it in Wikipedia, Vikipeedia and other sources
* decide if the sources are reliable
* figure out how the format works
* consider the style and requirements
* make sure what the system is for references
* be precise about the layout and punctuation (NB! spaces and full stops matter, too!)

--- which is what you need to do for most of your academic writing, so the method or process is similar.

NB! To complete the task, you have to read, think, check, re-check and cross-check a lot more than write.

Choosing the topic - any ideas?

Mõistete loendid
Tööriistade loend
Puuduvate artiklite loendid
Toimetamist ootavad

Good articles 
Missing articles 

Sample articles:
Chalk line
History of writing the article
Discussion about the content 
Beef cattle
Discussions may become quite heated - but if you know you have point, stick to it:
Tuhaplokk, arutelu
How NOT to do it:

Naljad ja muu kustutatud jama 

You will notice, learn and practice
* what terminology is and how to work with it
* what is relevant enough for an online encyclopedia and where the content comes from
* how to structure your topic - the main ideas, subtitles, links to terms and concepts in the text (=you have to notice what the terms are) etc.
* how references work (for Vikipeedia - you always have to make sure what rules to follow for referencing!)
* how to avoid sloppy work - including punctuation (capitals, full stops, spaces, dashes [short or long], paragraphs, typos etc). After all, your writing often determines the first impression about you as a professional.
* taking responsibility for your (public) work
* understanding style (neutral for Vikipeedia)
* your contribution = entries on technical terminology are needed!

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